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We provide solutions covering the entire spectrum of Procurement and Cost efficency improvement.

The ACI program is designed to provide both an organisational health check on current Procurement performance and a road map to providing a path to sustained success.


We can incorporate many ingredients, starting with the Rapid Procurement Assessment (RPA). Following the RPA, specific actions are identified to realise benefits, whilst ensuring the client is in full control, receiving impartial, expert advice.

Rapid Procurement Assessment

Savings Plan Development

The first step to success is understanding what you have and how effective your company is. Are you satisfied with your cost performance?, are you confident that you are buying as effectively as possible?


Our process will give you an independant insight to all key areas of your current Procurement, with a feedback report on immediate areas of improvement with further opportunities for cost efficiency. A simple and cost effective way to assess current arrangements.

Following the Rapid Procurement Assessment, this becomes the basis for developing a client cost improvement plan.


Whether the focus be on paymanet term standardisation, unit cost improvement, cash incentive generation, to name but a few, a tailored plan will be created to map out a pragmatic and realistic way forward. With extensive knowledge  ACI is suitably experienced and networked in a wide range of spend categories.  

Cash Performance

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company so there are a number of levers that can be applied to improve cash performance in both a responsible and sustainable way.


Each client will have its views on cash priorities so ACI can establish programs focused specifically on cash or operating in parrallell to sourcing initiatives.


ACI always strives to work with suppliers based on a code of integrity and good work ethics.


With the advancement of technology, there are now significant opportunities to drive procurement efficiency and costs effectiveness, through the adoption of affordable and effective solutions.


So what solution is good for you ? eAuctions, Advanced eSourcing, Spend Analytics...Let ACI help navigate this minefield. As always you can be assured that ACI is focused on recommending realistic, proven, cost effective solutions that are fit for purpose and designed to bring you real tangible benefits.



People Development

People are at the heart of a company, so what is the current skill level of those buying on behalf of your company ? and how engaged are they with other stakeholders and fuctions ? are people collaborating to achieve success ? and importantly what do others think about the current procurement arrangements ?


Leaders today, more than ever before, have to be able to work across all functions to unlock potential that can bring significant sustainable benefits.

Our other management support areas:

  • Procurement Process & Policy development
  • Building Key Documents such as Request For Pricing (RFP)
  • Developing a team  
  • Business Code of Conduct
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Recruiting key Procurement talent
  • Identifying and developing key vendor relationships 
  • Motivational speaking
  • Mentoring



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